Wood Stoves:

A Brief Overview... 

The wood stoves made today are a far cry from the old polluters of the past.  They burn a lot less wood, produce a whole lot less smoke (cleaner emissions), and burn a lot longer.  That's a lot of good qualities already Eh?

The catalytic converters of the early 90's have been replaced with a set of baffle bricks which basically re-burn the smoke.  This enables all those aforementioned good qualities to happen.  The wood is more completely burned, the smoke is all but eliminated (since it is reduced to mostly water vapor), and the fire burns longer too (one load can last all night!).  On top of this, when you first stoke up a blaze, an air-wash system will clean the glass by literally burning the soot right off of it.  That way you can enjoy the view as well. 

Most of today's woodstoves use a 6" vent pipe.  Do not confuse smoke pipe with other forms of venting!   They cannot be interchanged!  Double Wall smoke pipe is usually run from the stove to the ceiling where it then has to be connected to a heavily insulated pipe (Triple Wall like Metalbestos or DuraPlus) to run thru the rafters (and keep the house safe).  Depending on clearances, Single Wall pipe can sometimes be used for the intial stove to ceiling run.  But most manufacturers require the use of Double Wall pipe for use on their wood stoves.  It reduces the clearances to the wall, and also allows for more floor space!  

It is important to know, Rudy's is a plumbing & heating company specializing in gas products and does not install wood stoves.  However, we are happy to provide high quality wood stoves to our Customers who want them, and can recommend qualified installers to contract directly with.   More info on gas or wood.

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