Water Filtration: Tastes great, less contaminants...

A Brief Overview... 

Even though the quality of Lake Tahoe's well water is quite good, a percentage of wells have been shut down due to contaminants like MTBE and arsenic.  Poor water quality is perhaps one of the leading sources of health problems in America today.  If it can be dissolved in water, it can get into your body right?  Why buy bottled water (which is not always as 'pure' as the bottler would like you to believe), when you can simply install a filter in your kitchen and take what you need, when you need it?  Rudy's will not only install a system for you, we'll automatically schedule out your filter replacements at the appropriate times so you don't have to even think about it.  Clean water, good health, trouble free - that's what we all want right?

Charcoal Filtration - a common and fairly simple system that runs a small line from the cold water pipe thru a filter up to a small tap mounted on top of the sink.   Depending on the quality of the cartridge (changeable filter), these systems can remove most of the taste and odors, as well as chlorine, organic compounds and heavy metals like lead and mercury.

Reverse Osmosis - fast becoming the standard for producing really pure drinking water.  Reverse osmosis employs an elaborate filtration system that removes all contaminants from your drinking water.  The resulting product is as good as it gets.  The drawbacks are the system requires more under-counter space for the storage tank and multi-cartridge filters, and they also tend to waste water during the filtration process.  

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