A Brief Overview... 

Thermostats are made for a multitude of applications.  The most basic ones are millivolt or 24 volt. 

Millivolt Thermostats:  Used widely for certified heating appliances like gas wall heaters (that do not have a blower), and gas fireplaces/stoves.  The standing pilot generates enough power to operate the gas valve and the millivolt thermostat.  So even if the power goes out (common in Tahoe).

Remote Controls:  Work with millivolt systems and are especially handy for controlling gas fireplaces when running a thermostat wire is impractical (like thru rock).

24 Volt Thermostats: Used for Forced Air Units (furnaces), Wall heaters that have fans, boilers, or any heating appliance that is connected to power from the breaker box.  


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