Finding the Right Plumber:

A Helpful Handful... 

Looking thru the Yellow Pages in a desperate situation?  How do you choose who is going to handle your predicament best?  Where do you find a decent plumber who does not charge an arm and a leg?  Some repairs are simple enough that the Homeowner elects to do it themselves.  However, hardly a week goes by when our company isn't called to finish or repair a botched job by someone whose expertise didn't quite match his or her ambition.  How long can you afford to be without the full use of your home?

When you call a professional plumber, they do not charge based on how complicated the job might be.  Time and overhead expenses have to be accounted for, and there is a minimum charge for every call, no matter how simple the job is.  The dispatcher, truck, fuel, tools, insurance coverage, workman’s compensation, office equipment, etc… are all factors that go into bringing a plumber to your door.

Reasonable expectations for any competent company include the Technician’s ability to identify and fix the problem, and guarantee it for at least a year.  The work should abide by safety standards and codes.  The firm should be Licensed, Insured, and not on the public prosecutor’s most wanted list. 

Simple repairs aside, the true skill of a Technician has less to do with the actual turning of the wrench than diagnosing the problem.  If you have no hot water or no heat from your furnace, it’s not the time to look for someone who works cheaply.  Your heating system, for example, serves you many more hours each year than your car.  Like your car, it needs maintenance to operate safely, efficiently, and reliably throughout its design life.  It is wise to have your furnace serviced each year by someone who knows what they’re doing.  You wouldn’t want a cheap brain surgeon would you?  How about a cheap defense lawyer?  A cheap airplane pilot?

The fact is, plumbers deal with life and death matters all the time.  Fuel lines and exhaust vents carry a serious potential for health risks if not installed or worked on properly.  A well-trained Plumber has been through a 4-5 year apprenticeship that is every bit as challenging as a college education, and their work is priced accordingly.   Do you really want to trust your life and home with anyone else?

This helpful advice is brought to you by Rudy’s Plumbing & Heating, with a long-standing reputation for quality products and professional work ethics.  Your home is your biggest investment.  Make sure you get the job done right with Rudy’s.  The trusted name in Tahoe since 1965.


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