Insert Fireplaces:

A Brief Overview... 

Gas Insert Fireplaces are made to do just what they say, they are inserted into existing masonry lined or Zero Clearance (ZC) wood burning fireboxes.  They are designed to be used this way since they have no insulating layer to protect the surrounding area from heat.  Aside from determining how much heat your room requires, the stove measurements need to fit INside the box and the surround (an outside trim piece) needs to cover the remaining space around it (to hide the hole, vent pipe, wiring, gas line, etc..).  

All gas insert fireplaces come stock with fan kits (blowers) which require a powered outlet (plug, duplex) wired inside the firebox - unless you want to look at a wire coming out of your fireplace to the nearest wall outlet that is.  Although Rudy's Technicians are highly skilled tradesmen, we are not licensed electricians.  We recommend you contact one regarding establishing power inside your firebox before having us install the fireplace, so the whole operation will go smoothly.

Gas inserts are made in both Direct Vent and B-Vent versions.  Since a wood burning fireplace is obviously in an older home (new ones can no longer be built in California), a B-Vent stove usually works just fine.  If the insulation on the house has been upgraded, a Direct Vent version (even though it will cost a little more for the installation) might be the better option .  

Zero clearance boxes are also made for use on certain B-Vent  insert models.  Basically they are a heat shield designed to fit around the body of the insert.  These are made so a Customer can have a certain stove they like the appearance of installed where no masonry (or ZC) firebox exists. 

A word on Gas Log Sets: These setups are designed to burn a LOT of gas and look nice - but they are decorative only.  Most of the heat from this immense combustion process goes right up the flue (and outside...).  This is an important factor to consider.  And, the damper needs to be clamped OPEN per Code (yep, as in always).  So when the log set is not in use, the cold draft flowing into your home can be quite chilly!  Glass doors can offset some of this heat loss but can also be a bit pricey.  Log sets should not be relied upon to heat your home like a gas insert (which has a heat exchanger) will when the power goes out. 




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