A Few Words on Installations

 If you’re considering having a gas insert, stove or fireplace installed, you probably are wondering things like: 

 What’s Involved in an Installation? 

In a nutshell, most installations require a gas line to be run to the desired location, setting the new unit in place, a proper venting system, and a field adjustment for appropriate burn.  All of these factors are highly variable depending on the layout of the home.  The Permit process – required by Law - upholds safety by insuring that the installation complies with Building Code, and also that the Insurance Companies will be satisfied (both yours and ours!).  If an investigation is ever made on your property due to some building-related issue (like selling it, flood, fire, etc…), you’ll be very happy an Official Inspector approved your Permit.


How much does it cost to have an installation done? 

Rudy’s Technicians are Licensed and Insured, and come to your door prepared with a wealth of experience to install (or repair) your gas appliances.  Gas fireplaces are a specialty here at Rudy’s, and we stand firmly behind our products and our work.  You wouldn’t want the cheapest brain surgeon would you?  How about the cheapest airline pilot?  Your safety is important (always and especially) when working with gas.  Installations usually average between $1200 and $2000 depending on the above.  Estimates are FREE.


 How Long Will it Take?

Most installations run anywhere from 4-8 hours, including a one hour follow-up call to finish putting the fireplace/stove together (trim, accessories, flame adjustments), connect it to the (now-approved) gas line and have it ready for the homeowner to enjoy using it.


 How Much does a Gas Stove Cost to Operate?

Since Rudy’s is a heating company, we pride ourselves in providing only Certified Heaters that get the job done.  There is a lot of product out there, but not a lot of it actually does the trick.  If you would like a demonstration, please visit our showroom and we’ll make a believer out of you!  The cost to run a 30,000 Btu stove at 2006 prices is only $0.42/hour!  If you compare that to your time and effort (and dollars) spent dealing with wood, you begin to realize the convenience and savings gas heating offers. 


Who should I choose to do it?

It is well known (by the locals anyway) that Tahoe is a transient town.  There are a lot of temporary contractors in Tahoe that will say they can install a fireplace cheaply.  But it is highly unlikely that the job will be done properly or with quality materials.  Having an unauthorized person install your stove will likely void the manufacturer’s Warranty as well.  And, if you ever have a problem with the work or the stove, the chances of finding that contractor are slim.  When you consider this and all of the above, the choice is clear.  Rudy’s has been the Trusted Name in Tahoe Since 1965!