The average homeowner may be unfamiliar with the process of adding a gas fireplace to their home.  The method of selecting and installing a product that will fit their needs and wants may be a complete mystery.  At Rudy’s, we have a solid commitment to the quality of the products and services we provide.  We have over 38 years of continuous proven performance in Tahoe specializing in gas heating, and are dedicated to helping you make decisions you will be happy with.

A fireplace installation, by law, requires a city or county building permit and inspection.  As a Licensed Contractor, we adhere to this obligation strictly.  It is the main reason we are one of the most recommended Companies in town.  After adjusting and tuning your fireplace for high altitude, our professional, certified staff insures it will be installed properly.

In order to maintain warranties, manufacturers of all heating appliances require an annual service.  Although all of our gas fireplaces carry a limited lifetime warranty (this guarantees the integrity of the ceramic glass, fireplace body, logs, and heat exchanger), the controls are covered by the manufacturer for one year only.  Since the controls have moving parts, they are subject to break down over time.

With this in mind, Rudy’s offers An Unprecedented Worry-Free 5-Year Warranty!  If you purchase a fireplace and installation from Rudy’s, and have Rudy’s Clean & Service the fireplace annually, all controls* are covered for five years – including parts and labor.    A Clean and Service involves a 30 point inspection that will certify your fireplace is safe and sound for another season.  We are aware of no other Company that will offer this.

Please contact us at 530 541-3353, or visit our showroom to see some of the finest fireplaces in the industry up close.  Our staff will be happy to discuss options for what will suit your needs and tastes, and set up a time for installation that fits your schedule.  Rudy’s is open Monday thru Friday 8-5 and seasonally on Saturdays.  

*Controls covered: Main automatic millivolt gas valve, pilot assembly, thermopile, on/off switch, spill switch, hi-limit switch, piezo igniter, blower assembly and switch.  Does not cover remote controls or thermostats.  Warranty work performed during normal weekday business hours.  If fireplace is used as primary heat source, there may a nominal charge to cover Technician’s overtime during emergency service calls on evenings, weekends or holidays.